Cordova iOS build not working with Xcode 10

  • I recently started a new project, and when running quasar dev -m cordova -T ios I received the following error:

    /Users/username/Documents/ProjectName/src-cordova/platforms/ios/build/emulator/ file not found.

    From this Cordova issue, it appears to be an issue with the new Xcode 10 build system, which is not yet supported by Cordova.

    In that issue you’ll see there are three ways to implement the workaround. The third one – opening up Xcode and manually changing a setting – was the only one I was able to get working with Quasar.

    The first one – running cordova run ios --buildFlag='-UseModernBuildSystem=0' instead of just cordova run ios – seems like it should be simple to implement into Quasar.

    Just figured I’d share this in case you weren’t aware

  • Putting build.json in /src-cordova with this content

        "ios": {
            "debug": {
                "buildFlag": ["-UseModernBuildSystem=0"]

    also works

  • excuse me
    My system’s programs are having problems
    I tried a few methods
    But it remains the same

  • @دنده-دستی Can you be more specific please?

  • Admin

    This is a known issue having impact on all Cordova (including Ionic) apps. The reason is that xcode 10 changes the build system. Until Cordova adapts, you need to open the xcode project created and set up to build with the previous build system OR create the build.json file in src-cordova and configure it. Please Google for XCode 10 and Cordova issues.

    Some references:

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