Quasar => Q ?

  • Hi Team;

    When using Quasar CLI and we type in
    Quasar Dev
    Quasar Info
    Quasar Build

    Can we also use the letter “Q” to shorten the “Quasar” command? i.e.
    Q Dev
    Q Info
    Q Build

  • I think that would be best in your own .bashrc or alias.sh as aliases for your console. You could do something like

    alias qv='quasar --version'
    alias qi='quasar info'
    qinit() {
     quasar init $1

    I just added them to my console’s alias.sh (Windows 10 with Git Bash) and they work. 😄


  • @s-molinari
    Scott, I created a .bashrc file (using notepad) and added alias qd=‘quasar Dev’ and saved it in C:\ben user directory, however when I try to access it in VS Code terminal, it does not recognize the qd command.

    I’m not real familiar with these git stuff and unix commands (A .Net developer) 🙂

    can you please provide how to setup these aliases? Much appreciated!

  • Go to Settings in VSCode and type in console in the search. Somewhere below is Terminal>External:Windows Exec.

    You’ll need to change that path to where you installed git and more specifically bin/bash.exe. (Hopefully you have installed Git for Windows)

    Then you can go the Git\etc\profile.d folder and edit aliases.sh.


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