Checkbox/Radio component implementation

  • Today I was thinking about some custom checkboxes I had to implement on a project, that alas does not use Quasar. At one point I looked at the checkbox component code from Quasar and I really liked the way you have implemented the model computed property, really clean. But as I read the docs, input:checkbox can be assigned to an array when its value is set, this way it will add or remove its value from the array, something we cant really do without reinventing the wheel (check to see if the passed v-model value is array, and if current value exists yada yada), so I tried instead of assigning this.model = this.value in the select method, simply to do a this.$ , its native and it actually works pretty good. Here is my implementation, maybe it could help someone else. If this is a bad idea, I would really like someone to tell me early on 😄
    Bellow is the radio implementation, checkbox is pretty much the same.

    <div class="input-styled radio">
        <label @click.stop.prevent="select">
          <span class="styled-element"/>
          {{ title }}
      export default {
        props: {
          value: {
            required: true  // passed from the parent to populate the radio's Value
          checked: {
            required: true  // passed by v-model to sync the :checked property
          disable: Boolean,
          title: {
            required: true
          name: {
            type: String,
            default: ''
          id: {}
        model: { // new property since 2.2
          prop: 'checked', // set the parent's property thats passes to v-model to the checked prop on the child
          event: 'change' // do the above action when this event is fired
        computed: {
          model: {
            get () {
              return this.checked // just return the value from v-model
            set (value) {
              if (value !== this.checked) {
                this.$emit('change', value)  // when we set this.model we emit an event with the current value
          _id () {
            return ? : this._uid + '_' + this.checked
        methods: {
          select () {
            this.$ // trigger a click on the input element

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