Quasar v1.0 - Feature freeze in effect for v0.17

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    Hi All Quasarians,

    It’s been a long, winding road up until this point, but I’m finally working with the team on a solid Quasar v1.0, after which there will be no further breaking changes.

    To do this, I’ve decided to feature-freeze v0.17 in order to fully focus on v1.0. This means that v0.17 is the last pre 1.0 release - and there will only be fixes merged and no new features. The only exception to this is to honour agreements with partners or main sponsors who require the integration of critical functionality or features.

    When 1.0 lands, the Quasar you know and love will have been polished to a mirror’s sheen. The UI design will be perfect - and if you think Quasar’s rendering speed is fast today, you will be glad to know that all of its components will be ruthlessly curated for the best performance possible, the most logical ease of use and the smallest footprint. Furthermore, all of the pain points (no matter how trivial) are being addressed and will be resolved.

    The documentation website is also being rebuilt using Quasar SSR, where you’ll be able to see live examples and also the source code for them in one place, optionally playing with the example in Codepen - just by clicking on a button.

    You can expect more announcements on v1.0 as we inch closer to the release. The plan is to publish it as soon as possible, but without affecting the quality – we want you to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is perfect and you can trust Quasar 100%. That said, it seems like the stars are aligning for a release candidate late this year.

    Razvan Stoenescu

  • Great news. I can barely wait!

  • It’s a really good news ! Can’t wait to see it ! Just hope the upgrade from the 0.17 to the 1.0 will not be a complete refactor ^^ …

  • Has testing made the cut for 1.0, as planned?

  • Awesome!

  • Very nice, you guys are the best!

  • @rstoenescu said in Quasar v1.0 - Feature freeze in effect for v0.17:

    The plan is to publish it as soon as possible, but without affecting the quality – we want you to rest easy in the knowledge that everything is perfect and you can trust Quasar 100%.

    This attitude gives me a great confidence in the product and it’s creator. Thank you Razvan!!!

  • Awesome!
    I tried Quasar and Vutify, I will decide which one???

  • Hi Rasvan;

    Are there any new features related to SPA running in Mobile Browsers for V1.x? Like new components and functionalities that are specific to Mobile environment?
    Since V1 is slated for the end of the year, I’d like to plan new mobile features for our app, if V1 will have any.


  • @Ben-Hayat - Quasar is totally mobile ready as it is. What exactly are you missing or expecting?


  • @s-molinari, @rstoenescu ;
    Yes, Being mobile ready was one of the main reasons I chose Quasar.
    I want to maintain ONE code base to run in browser for desktop and Mobile, at least for a while when the product is stable. That’s why I don’t want to build a hybrid app with Cordova or NativeScript or React Native, to upload Google or Apple store. When user is using the app in browser, it uses the latest code from the server.

    However, not using Cordova or other shells, I get to lose lots of services that the device provides.
    So my question was related, if Quasar is planing to add features where we can access SOME of devices capabilities through JS without using shells ls Cordova, i.e. taking pictures or getting GPS coordinates and etc.

  • I’m no expert on this at all, but googling some and reading, it seems accessing the camera is just HTML 5 attributes for an input field and I do know QInput takes standard attributes along with its props. Also, accessing GPS data is a browser JavaScript API too. So, maybe give them a try? I don’t think Quasar needs to have anything specifically “built-in” to allow you to use those kinds of things.


  • @Ben-Hayat
    u can use the platform detection feature https://quasar-framework.org/components/platform-detection.html then do something like:

    <template v-if="$q.platform.is.mobile">
    <!-- hide the html input using style="display:none" -->
    <input ref="camera" type="file" style="display:none" accept="image/*" capture="camera" />
    <!-- show a q-btn that will trigger the onClick event of the above -->
    <q-btn color="primary" label="Capture" @click="$refs.camera.click()"  />


  • @metalsadman ;

    Thanks for the info and links. Following up on them.!

  • @rstoenescu Nice man! thanks for the great work !

  • Thank you for your efforts! You make my life much easier!

  • Razvan, will we get any NEW components in V1? If yes, can you tell us what, if it can be public info.

  • You can see the development of v1 on Github. Here are the closed issues for v1 up till now.


    Notice for instance, the new QSplitter.


  • @s-molinari ;

    Thanks Scott; I was mostly asking for V1 roadmap what Quasar team plan to offer or V1, than looking throwing issues being resolved.

    Most companies, have official Version Roadmap on their website, so developers can plan ahead.

  • Well, Quasar is a two man show and not really a company. They don’t spend much time on marketing, which I think a road map would be part of.

    I understand your wish for sure. If you change that link to show open v1 issues, you’ll also get sort of the future work they’ll be doing too. So, a road map of sorts. 😄



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