Q-uploader : how to disable the upload button ?

  • I want user to be able to select their file but NOT upload them using the uploader button. Is it possible to hide it or disable it ?

    I tried readonly , which appears to do nothing, and disabled which disables the whole uploader.
    I also tried to redefined an upload-factory that does nothing, but of course when I actually want to upload the file with upload(), my dummy upload-factory is called and nothing happens.

    Any lead ?

  • So for now I ended up with two method, dummyUpload() which I declare as upload-factory when creating my uploader and uploadFile() which I call when I want. This last method fetchs the files and upload them using a custom method.

    Not very satisfying.

  • What’s the purpose of having them select the file but not upload it? Can you explain the overall experience you are trying to create?


  • This post is deleted!

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