How i can add some caption while uploading file with Q-Uploader(Multiple image)

  • I want build a system where user can post there image with some caption(Like instagram). So How can i make this functionality ?

  • Well… that is like asking how do I program and this forum is probably not the best place to learn that. That said, typically an uploaded file (image or other) is stored as a link in a db table and you could store the caption with it like here. Do some searching on whatever backend you are using and you should find a few examples.

  • @genyded Yeah bro i got that. Don’t think me i am stupid. The problem is when a i send the multiple file with button click it sends a lot of request. one request for each file. this.$refs.files.upload(); And also when i send single file it returns nothing in response but i am returning all request data from my back end controller. I am using laravel as back end. And i know how to upload file. here is the response i am getting from back-end {“Content-Type”:“image/jpeg”,“files”:{}}

  • OK - good luck then. Maybe if you are less vague and post some code, someone can try to help.

  • I’m not an Instagram user, but I just saw a video of how it works. I’m not sure you can get to the camera directly to make a picture to upload from a Quasar app. Someone with Cordova experience would need to answer that. But, for sure, if you have the image data/ thumbnail, it seems to me you could easily add that to a q-card with an input field and the data from input field would be loaded up to the server in the additional-fields prop of the uploader.

    As for your problem with the response data, that is not a Quasar problem. How data is sent and received is completely up to devland (so you).


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