Quasar v0.17.13 & CLI v0.17.16 are out!

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    Quasar v0.17.13


    • QSlideTransition/QTree/QCollapsible new prop: “duration” (Number)
    • QField: keep botom spacing if there can be something there (#2557)
    • Simplify WebStorage logic when on SSR
    • QDatetimePicker Material version: set view to default when minimal and canClose (#2540)
    • Remove usage of cssTransform() helper – no longer needed
    • QSelect: add popup-max-height prop (#2531)
    • QPopupEdit can’t be disable #2527
    • QPopupEdit: provide initial value as second parameter when emitting save (#2514)


    • Modal closing on mouseup #2551
    • QInput/QResizeObserver on Firefox: fix spinner and object keyboard navigation (#2556)
    • Fixes for QDatetime Material version (more responsive) and QPopup (#2549)
    • SSR only keeps the last cookie set #2547
    • QCard assumes any color it’s set to is dark #2546
    • Fixes for QPopover and QTooltip (#2543)
    • Uploader doesn’t obey disabled prop #2538
    • QSelect: Fix QChip content override by innerHTML (#2526)
    • [SSR] Cannot use set() or clear() with LocalStorage on client side #2517
    • QUploader missing extensions filter onAdd event (was only onDrop) (#2533)
    • QInputFrame marginalia: don’t focus and fix icon on disable (#2515)
    • QSelect: fix clearValue (#2507)

    Quasar CLI v0.17.16

    • Updated to Quasar v0.17.13
    • Updated some deps (like webpack & workbox plugin)
    • Using router.beforeEach in app plugin fails with SSR
    • Fix missing “n” in ensure-deps.js (#175)

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