Using Q-uploader

  • hi newbie here,

    i just want to know if is it possible to create on your own method for uploading? i tried uploadfactory but it fails me. base on my understanding upload factory can be use to create on your own uploader so i made on my own but as ive said its not triggering my method…

    here is my code:

    methods: {
        async uploadFactory (file, updateProgress) {
          let vm = this
          try {
            var data = {
              productImage: file,
              userId: vm.user._id
            var uploadUserProfile = await UserService.UploadUserProfile(data)
          } catch (err) {
            vm.$q.notify({ position: 'top', color: 'positive', message: 'Whoops! File upload fail.' })

    please help me to fix this thank you!

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