Help! How to use components from both themes: iOS & Mat

  • So I’m kind of stuck on something:
    My entire app is built with a very distinct design and the base of my CSS has always been the iOS theme.

    However, for two components I require to use the Material version of the Quasar Material theme, while keeping my iOS theme in tact.

    Can anyone point me in the correct direction how I best start writing such a hack, where I’m allowed to choose Material theme for just 1 or 2 components?

    The components I need of Material are QTabs and Datetime Picker.

  • Themes are platform specific, not component specific. You would have to override the stylus variables in each component to achieve what you are asking. At the end of the day if’s no different that standard css (or Stylus). What would you do if Quasar wasn’t in the mix? Same thing here.

  • Hi @mesqueeb
    I am kind of stuck in the same situation. Were you able to find any leads or solutions?

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