v-tooltip label animation

  • At some point in a recent release the animation of the label within a tooltip changed. This is not a request for help around the animation when a tooltip appears (that’s all fine and well understood), but rather the animation of the label after the tooltip appears. Once the tooltip appears the label then gradually fades in. We’d rather see the label content immediately without animation. Any tips, ideas, workarounds, suggestions would be great. Thanks, Jeff.

  • Any insight on this?

  • Did you even attempt to dig into this on your own at all? Take a look in node_modules/quasar-framework/src/css.

  • @genyded - I did, absolutely, and I digged into QTooltip.js. Any pointers would be great. I added :style=“tooltipStyle” to the <q-tooltip definition and…

      tooltipStyle() {
        return 'transitionProperty: none !important; transform: none !important; animation: none !important;';

    with no effect.

    This feels like a behavior setting (similar to delay) that other developers might find useful.

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