Scrollbar Appears When Transition Group

  • Hi all,
    I have a problem with the scroll bar that appears when transition is active and disappeared when transition is not active.
    The scroll bar come from the body element i believe.

    You can see the problem in the this link (video) :

    My layout is:

      <transition-group appear v-on:before-appear="beforeAppear" v-on:after-appear="afterApper" enter-active-class="animated fadeIn" leave-active-class="animated fadeOut">
        <div key="fixed" class="q-pl-sm q-pr-sm full-width fixed screen-header" :class="[isDrawerActive ? 'drawer-is-active-screen-header' : '']">
          <bread-crumbs key="breadCrumbs" class="screen-header-space" />
          <screen-header key="screenHeader" v-show="$ != 'AttenedHome' && $ != 'SettingsHome' && $ != 'EmployeesHome' && $ != 'EmployeeDetails'" />
        <router-view key="routerView" />

    I was trying to put the min-height: 0 base on this:
    but with no success.

    if i remove the transition group tag then no scrolling.

  • This post is deleted!

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