Firebase Login

  • Could you please check my code tell me what is wrong with it. What I am trying to prepare a sign in and sign up page with firebase but i could not achive it.

  • @timescale Can you be more specific please, what is the problem, what files should we look (signin.vue and signup.vue are empty)…?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @shone
    What ı have tried is construct a login page (login.vue) to load other pages (signin.vue and signup.vue). But it does not work. I could not figure out login page using firebase.js.

  • @timescale I see that you are using window.location = '/signin' in your login method, you shuld use Vue Router for that… I’m not sure that I understand why would you use login.vue to load signin and signup pages… Login and signin shoud be the same.

    Make sure that you understand what you want to make, try drawing it on the paper.
    Also you have to track user state (vuex for example), when users made successfull login to firebase, update the state in vuex for example userLogedIn = true.

    Note: Make sure that you understand how Vuejs works before using quasar it will be much easier for you.

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