Google oauth2 with cordova and feathersjs

  • Hello,

    I’m building Spa end Android app with quasarjs.
    The backend is a feathers-js server with feathers-js-oauth plugin for authentication.
    I am using a sqlite database to store users.
    I setted up Facebook and Google oauth2 login and it works in Spa mode with simple hypertext link “/oauth/google” in quasar

    Usually for oauth cordova people use “browserinapp” plugin that opens pop-up for oauth2 authentication to fetch the token.
    The problem is that Google dropped support for browserInApp userangent as you can see there

    Did anyone has the same issue? How to solve?

    I see some people use firebase, but can I use it only for authentication? I would to maintain my server app with user collection.

    Thanks you

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