Naming Convention change?

  • I noticed around version v0.17.0 the naming conventions changed for the StarterKit in which pages and layout files are now Capitalized and routes now include full file name and extention.


    It there a reason for this, benefit or just following some other guidelines?
    Are there other naming convention that have been changed elsewhere?

    I have existing projects and new projects and want to make sure I update accordingly. Thx!

  • Well, it’s “common practice” today to name any single file Vue components starting with a capital letter (it used to be the opposite). The Layout and Page that Quasar installs with are intended to serve as examples. There is no hard and fast rule though. You can name them however you like. It’s best to be consistent whatever you decide though.

  • It looks like they are following the prescribed style guide from Vue.js, naturally.

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