Deploying to GitHub Pages on a repository level

  • Hi all,

    I’ve tried following the guide on deploying on GitHub Pages. However, we are trying to use this on a repository level for our Viewscript repo and it doesn’t seem to work in the same way. The guide appears to assume that Github pages is working at the organization level, and not the repo level?

    I ran quasar build in our viewscript-to-playpen package and copied the contents of the dist/spa-mat directory into the docs directory on the root of the repo. (See image below to explain)

    But as you can see here when visiting the page, there’s lots of 404 errors on the console and nothing appears on the page.


    Clicking on one of those errors, for example /css/2.c843d111.css:1, takes us to:
    when it should be (as the following link works):

    I’m guessing we have to assign the path in some config somewhere?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you! 🙂

  • Admin

    Hi, I see you’re using “/viewscript” as public path. Did you set that in quasar.conf > build > publicPath: ‘viewscript’ ?

  • Hey,
    I hadn’t but that has worked wonderfully now!
    Thank you very much 🙂

  • Admin

    And nice project. Ping me when you get it ready – I wanna make some “noise” about it on Twitter 😉

  • Hmm ViewScript looks quite promising, but this license - GPLv3… why?

  • Thank you @qyloxe 😀 !

    FYI we agonised over the licence for a long time, everything else we’re developing is MIT.

    Being a public-funded Fire Service in the UK, with a small dev team writing OSS is really rare, and we’re finding our way.
    We’re really wanting to keep things open.
    But there are other [financial] pressures at play here. We did write a blog exploring all of this, if you’re interested…

    Does adopting GPLv3 solve any of this? Does it make it worse? We’re not sure TBH. The idea was it would help keep things open and stop private industry closing things.

    We are looking at getting some legal help to do the right thing… if you’ve any advice, or reasons we could use use to move back to MIT then please drop me a DM, we’d really appreciate any input. We’re certainly not adverse to changing licenses to attract more contributions or improve governance around ViewScript.

  • @tim
    hmm: British, small team, public-funded, 30 years of “service” - definitely looks to me like a front for secret operations 🙂

    But honestly, I’m very glad that you chose quasar. GPLv3 or not, it seems that IT is your way of life. Life as a whole. Greets!

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