Quasar v0.17.10, CLI v0.17.13, Extras v2.0.6 & Vue CLI plugin v0.17 are out!

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    Quasar v0.17.10


    • Overall design refinements (focused on subtle design improvements)
    • QPopupEdit component – especially useful (but not limited to) for QTable
    • Swipeable and animated QTab panes
    • Ability to display HTML strings as labels in QSelect
    • QDatetime new prop: header-label
    • Containerized QLayout is out of the “experimental” stage and it’s ready for production usage
    • QInput new event: @paste (triggered when user pastes content)
    • Improved QPopover & QTooltip animations
    • QPopover new props: cover (covers parent) and persistent (doesn’t gets closed if clicking outside of it)


    • QRating - multiline when it needs to (not enough space for a single line)
    • QField content clipping

    Quasar Extras v2.0.6

    Package Changes Version Description
    Roboto Font CDN v18 Default recommended font when building with Material theme
    Material Icons Updated CDN v41 Material icons font
    MDI (Material Design Icons) Updated 2.6.95 Extended Material Design icons font
    Font Awesome 5.2.0 Fontawesome icons font
    Ionicons 4.2.4 Ionicons font
    Animate.css 3.5.2 Bundle of animations you can use in your website/app

    Quasar CLI v0.17.13

    • Updated to Quasar v0.17.10
    • Updated to Quasar Extras v2.0.6

    vue-cli-plugin-quasar v0.17.0

    Updated tree-shaking to match Quasar CLI’s one.

  • Awesome !!! Thank you.

  • Swipeable and animated QTab panes

    Nice! I can now replace my Carousel/QTab hack 🙂

  • Awesome!!!

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