Checkbox component is faulty

  • In some cases I observed a strange behavior at checkboxes. I do not have enough privileges to upload a video here so I uploaded it on an Youtube unlisted link (not avaiable at search). This bug is present in Quasar-Framework showcase and and components page Checkbox component page from documentation. And is about that a checked checkbox is moved from the previous position that have as an uncheked chwckbox.

    P.S: @rstoenescu thanks for this awesome framework.

  • All your videos appears to show is you clicking a checkbox on and off. At no point do we see it change position. If you remove ANY element from the DOM and re-add it or do anything to causes the page to refresh (or change pages) the element state will revert to it’s default unless you explicitly persist and apply it’s state. If in the showcase, you are talking about toggling Desktop View, if you look at the URL’s you will see that’s a different page so the state is reset. Reproduce it in a fiddle or provide an exact scenario in code.

  • @genyded if you make the movie bigger and take a closer look at the checkbox you will see is jumping when is checked (at about one second after the click) this is on the documentation pages not in any application you can try it yourself, there on the documentation page, using Google Chrome browser or Opera Browser I do not think is necessary to provide any fiddle or code. The view you’re using does not count, I tried both of them and both have the same behavior, the checkbox is moving at one second after the click is made . Sorry that I did`n make much sens in my first post and I assure you is there I have test it many times.

  • I see it. The check box moves one pixel to the left after checking it. Very hard to see in the video. And, it only happens with Chrome from my tests. With FF, it doesn’t happen. It is so minuscule a problem, I think we can say, for now, it isn’t one.


  • @s-molinari agree with you but is good to know about a problem this is the first step in solving them. And yes in Firefox browser it`s not happening that is why I mentioned Chrome browser and Opera browser as well. I didn’t test it in Internet Explorer or Safari because I do not own a machine with any Micro$$oft or Apple software.

    Thanks for confirming this @s-molinari .

    Have a nice day!

  • Admin

    I personally can’t reproduce this, but it sure looks like a bug in the browser when rendering with GPU. There’s just simple CSS in the QCheckbox component and no reason why it would fail other than a browser bug.

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