electron-only // what does 'Electron wrapped App' mean?

  • I’m fairly new, and I got some basic understanding issue.
    I know about viewports, mediaqueries and the ideas about having things visible under certain conditions.
    And I think I understand what is ment by the other visible conditions onthe documentation here.

    But what does it mean to have my page wrapped by an Electron App? …should I do something like Electrion-UI in combination with Quasar? Or more in general: would it be good practice to integrate Quasar into an Electron App, to have superior desktop experiences for my users? …I’m a bit confused about the use-cases as well.

    regards Z

  • At a 500 foot level and maybe oversimplifying, Electron literally “wraps” what would be a browser SPA and turns it into a cross-platform desktop app (NOT mobile app). With the advent of things like PWA’s which will support notifications, offline support and lots of other toys on desktop and mobile, it really depends on your business needs whether or not something like Electron is worth investing in. Electron gives you a desktop app that can run on Windows, MAC, and *nix, but then so can a browser app or PWA.

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