Q-Blog [Laravel5.6 && VueJs - Quasar0.17]

  • Hi,
    this is my very first SPA, built using Laravel5.6 && VueJs - Quasar0.17.


    this is just for learning purpose. so I need your opinions if any part of the app can be done differently or better.


  • Yes and yes… not to say anything is wrong or bad, but there is almost always different ways to do the same thing and almost always room for improvement. Also, it’s a very open ended post that many folks here will not have time to look at your entire app from end to end. That said, I took a cursory look and it’s looks good as a base. You could use Vuex (even though the app is still small now), but if it works and meets your requirements - that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. You have the basics down for sure.

  • thanks for your advice.

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