Quasar v0.17.9 & CLI v0.17.10/11 are out!

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    Quasar v0.17.9


    • QParallax: Add support for videos
    • (Experimental) Containerized QLayout; includes ability to use QLayout inside QModal; IE11 not supported (check Layout components page).
    • Shake Modal/Dialog if not dismissable
    • [Request] QCollapsible support for routes #937
    • QSearch | Add type=“search”? #2426
    • QLayoutDrawer new event: ‘on-layout(boolean)’ – triggered when Drawer toggles occupying space on Layout
    • Updated src/css/core.variables.styl - making variables overridable (#1912)
    • Remove Tooltip shadow for Material theme (to match Material guidelines)
    • Feature Request: Ability to disable Hover on timeline component #2205
    • QUpload “filter” property #1458
    • [Feature Request] Object as filter in DataTable #1896
    • [Request] QItem/QItemMain / Add stylus variable that controls the size of the offset the property ‘inset’ produces #2183
    • [Enhancement] QTree: add an iconColor property on the Nodes model structure #2203
    • [Request] Truncate text in QInput #2307
    • [REQUEST] Adjustable Column Widths for QTables #2248


    • Problems with Min Max DateTime Picker #2362
    • Wrong icon in fontawesome Quasar icon set #2431
    • QAutocomplete bad popover positioning unless static data #2427
    • Safe Area for iOS when QModal in ‘maximized’ #2421
    • QTable - rows per page select font
    • QFab closing animation
    • Modal maximized leaves class q-maximized-modal on body element even after hidden #2417

    Quasar CLI v0.17.10/11

    • Update to Quasar v0.17.9
    • quasar.conf > htmlVariables --> injects variables that can be used in html template
    • Improve SSR node-externals (effects: support for .vue files from node_modules; support for SFC <style src="…"> in .vue files)

  • @rstoenescu

    great update! wow!

    little info - in uploader documentation marked as “docs for 0.17.9”:

    there’s no mention about new filter property from #1458:
    filter (files) {

    return filteredFiles

  • Admin

    @qyloxe would you so kind to add that to docs, pls? Hit the pencil (top right) or the “Edit” link at bottom of the page. It’s an in-browser process.

  • @rstoenescu

    Sure, had a little time, so I created PR for you:


    anyway, I’m quite afraid that documentation and code in quasar may be a little off-sync. I wonder what procedure would guarantee that when there is a code commit or feature request, there is also a documentation update? (and unit test?) (and example?) 🙂

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