Reconsider dropping the grid component

  • It looks like the grid component has been dropped in v0.8. I wonder if you might reconsider that, as it’s a great component (especially its responsive design that switches to stacked cards on narrow displays). The commit message mentions that there are “plenty available out there.” But are there plenty (or any) that (a) are Vue 2 compatible, (b) have a responsive design, (c) have Material and iOS themes, and (d) can easily be themed with Quasar themes? What alternatives would you suggest that would fit in well with a Quasar app?

    Thank you.

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    It’s being dropped only temporarily so I can release Quasar with Vue 2 support as fast as possible. It will be reinstated later, in a few weeks maximum. It requires some thinking and I plan to also improve it, but due to my heavy schedule it was simply not possible to include it in v0.8.

    Since opening this thread, I would like anyone seeing this to comment on what features they like/need for this component. Also, can any of its features be improved? I would like to listen to your ideas. Thanks!

  • Thanks for clarifying. That makes sense. Glad to hear it will be returning.
    Amazing work on v0.8 and Vue 2 support.

  • First of all congratulations on Quasar. It really shines and we are currently using it to build a production UI.
    I’m also heavily relying on the grid component so I’m anxiously awaiting since we want to upgrade our codebase to the latest Quasar version but we can’t until the grid component is available.

    By the way, one very useful feature that we need (and probably many other people would too) is an ability to nest another component in a cell. In my case I would like to embed a button and while I found a way to display it with the formatter , I can’t figure out how to hook up the click event to it. (using @click doesn’t seem to work)

    Another feature is the ability to hide or disable a nested component based on the field value.

    It would also be great to expose some events like mouse click, after the grid renders and the like.

    Also, do you have an ETA for the new Grid component? Thank you for considering this request!

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    I honestly was under the impression that no one uses the grid component. But I see I was dead wrong. So will put it high up in the priority list. Can’t give a fixed ETA because it requires a lot of rethinking. Don’t want to rush it and release a half baked grid. Quality is important! Will get back to you when I have a definite answer.

    Thanks for using Quasar!

  • A good grid system, with a async external data source (paged) would be very useful as part of the framework.

    Comming from the dojo / dgrid, I have many ideas to how this could be done, but the dstore idea in dgrid is really nice.

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    I’ve got a Dojo background too. I know exactly what you are talking about. There was a nice grid component in Quasar before the jump to Vue 2.0 but just didn’t have enough time to port it to Vue 2 before the v0.8 release. It will be resurrected in next Quasar version though.
    Please note that the Grid will not deal with the data acquisition. The reason is flexibility. The developer should be in control of the data acquisition and the moment when this happens. In Vue there’s a lot of possibilities… before route loads, after route loads, when you actually display a certain part of the page (guarded by v-if) and so on and so forth. The Ajax call itself might need some headers etc. So, the Grid takes a property from the Vue scope and manages it, but it won’t fetch data for you.

  • @rstoenescu I am looking forward to see that grid, it has been holding much of my code at work in Dojo for way too long 🙂

    So, like DataGrid the data acquisition is a external function / class the user provide for the grid ?

    I think I will try to find it in an old branch i Quasar git, it would be really cool to have access to a large data able grid again, and this time in a none Dojo framework. I have tried to find time to make one myself, but this is not that easy to do, especially the paging and rendering part when one only need to show a small part of a large data set and then there is the fact that html tables are not the easy to work with in this regard 🙂

  • The grid in 0.7 is small or a nice start, but it’s data acquisition is just raw data array, as I quess @rstoenescu tried to warn me 🙂

    It would be nice to be able to use a combination of a web storage (for updates) and query, interface to be able to make custom stores like dstore and dojo store, or even use a localStorage element for cache grid data.

    Also, large list site paging seems to be missing, it will try to render all data as i can see ?

  • I’m starting in Quasar, and I need to disable the GRID button according to a table value. I’m reading here, did you continue with this solution? Thank you

  • I’m starting in Quasar, and I need to disable the GRID button according to a table value. I’m reading here, did you continue with this solution? Thank you

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