Quasar v0.17.7 & CLI v0.17.8 + Quasar Extras v2.0.5 are out!

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    Quasar v0.17.7

    When upgrading, please add responsive Boolean prop to QTimeline to maintain previous behaviour. We apologise for this change in a minor release but it is really needed.


    • [Request] QTimeline always one-sided #2324
    • [Request] QCarousel/QEditor/QTable emit event on fullscreen change #2338
    • [Request] QCollapsible add style for open item #2375
    • QTooltip - font-size should be 12px according to Material specs
    • Do not add left/right padding to Tabs container when not on header/footer.


    • QSlideTransition sometimes doesn’t play in Chrome/Firefox on desktop #2384
    • Fontawesome icons don’t fit timeline icons #2386
    • QItem label letters being cut off
    • Don’t pad hideUnderlined controls (#2388)
    • Clearable not working in ChipsInput (#2383)
    • Some arabic i18n typos (#2380)
    • Unable to override color of QRouteTab #2394

    Quasar CLI v0.17.8

    • Upgraded to Quasar v0.17.7
    • Upgraded quasar-extras to v2.0.5, webpack, vue-loader

    Quasar Extras v2.0.5

    Package Changes Version Description
    Roboto Font CDN v18 Default recommended font when building with Material theme
    Material Icons Updated CDN v40 Material icons font
    MDI (Material Design Icons) 2.4.85 Extended Material Design icons font
    Font Awesome Updated 5.2.0 Fontawesome icons font
    Ionicons 4.2.4 Ionicons font
    Animate.css 3.5.2 Bundle of animations you can use in your website/app

  • Brilliant update as always, keep up the great work!

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