Save object to a local file.

  • Hi.
    I would like to know if the following is possible with Quasar/Vue.
    I have a form that creates an object, objF, which needs to be reused for testing purposes.
    I am currently using local storage to save/retrieve this object.
    Ideally, though, I would like to save this object in a file for reuse in testing purposes.
    So in the statics folder, I created a file ‘testSav.json’
    import testSav from 'src/statics/testSav.json'
    How would I read and write to this file?
    I am working on a local server ‘http://localhost:8080/
    I also tried using axios but haven’t been able to make much progress. Is Axios an alternative?
    I plan to eventually move this file to a backend server but need it locally for general debugging/testing purposes.


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