Quasar v0.17.4 & CLI v0.17.5 are out!

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    • One important fix, sidestepping a Webpack issue: Build error on some Linux machines #154


    • Fix: [Bug] - QScrollObservable - debounce not working with QSrollArea? #2341

  • Has this warning been fixed:

     app:dev Running: Mode [ SPA ] with [ MAT ] theme +0ms
     app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +889ms
     app:dev Checking listening address availability ( +3ms
     app:quasar-conf Generating Webpack config +4ms
     app:quasar-conf Extending Webpack config +22ms
     app:generator Generating Webpack entry point +3ms
     app:dev-server Booting up... +3ms
     [====                ] 20% (building modules)(node:12227) [ESLINT_LEGACY_OBJECT_REST_SPREAD] DeprecationWarning: The 'parserOptions.ecmaFeatures.experimentalObjectRestSpread' option is deprecated. Use 'parserOptions.ecmaVersion' instead. (found in "standard")
    Build completed in 21.43s

    Btw, great job!

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    @Hawkeye64 That error comes from your /.eslintrc.js file. Quasar init a new project and see how it should look like then make the adjustments to your current project.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • @rstoenescu I did just that and my current eslintrc.js looks exactly like the one generated. 😞

  • my quasar cli is 0.16.4

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    @Hawkeye64 what setup are you using? Standard or Airbnb? By the error msg you seem to have Standard. Can you copy-paste your eslintrc file here pls?

  • Standard

    module.exports = {
      root: true,
      parserOptions: {
        parser: 'babel-eslint',
        sourceType: 'module'
      env: {
        browser: true
      extends: [
        // https://github.com/vuejs/eslint-plugin-vue#priority-a-essential-error-prevention
        // consider switching to `plugin:vue/strongly-recommended` or `plugin:vue/recommended` for stricter rules.
        // https://github.com/standard/standard/blob/master/docs/RULES-en.md
      // required to lint *.vue files
      plugins: [
      globals: {
        'ga': true, // Google Analytics
        'cordova': true,
        '__statics': true
      // add your custom rules here
      'rules': {
        // allow async-await
        'generator-star-spacing': 'off',
        // allow paren-less arrow functions
        'arrow-parens': 0,
        'one-var': 0,
        'import/first': 0,
        'import/named': 2,
        'import/namespace': 2,
        'import/default': 2,
        'import/export': 2,
        'import/extensions': 0,
        'import/no-unresolved': 0,
        'import/no-extraneous-dependencies': 0,
        'brace-style': [2, 'stroustrup', { 'allowSingleLine': false }],
        // allow debugger during development
        'no-debugger': process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production' ? 2 : 0

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    @Hawkeye64 Have you upgraded eslint & co to newer versions? They can be upgraded to at least one major version – which introduces breaking changes. As ESlint & co. are project specific and NOT part of Quasar CLI, if you upgrade them it’s your duty to make the necessary changes to your .eslintrc.js too – whatever the new version with breaking changes requires.

  • Thanks! I’ll look into it. I’m only getting this on my Quasar project. I have 8 services on the Node backend that are also set up this way and they don’t exhibit this error so I kind of figured it was a Quasar issue. Time to roll up my sleeves. 🙂

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