Quasar & Quasar CLI v0.17.1 are out!

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    A small followup of v0.17 release. Fixes some reported issues:

    • fix: Weird webpack behavior regarding css files
    • fix: Vendor chunk changing filename on every build
    • fix(PWA): service-worker.js path for production
    • [Bug] .17 - Notify defaults #2322


  • @rstoenescu I still don’t see how SSR and preFetch documentation is leading me to the correct solution. Here is a call trace showing preFetch calling a store action to read data asynchronously, while that is running the meta, compute, and page renders and empty page, and then the async read completes and updates the store - but the page was already rendered blank.

    preFetch -LGr4Kbj_q9lf0Gn9JGg
    action:readCampaign -LGr4Kbj_q9lf0Gn9JGg
    /campaigns/-LGr4Kbj_q9lf0Gn9JGg -> request took: 205ms . <---- renders blank page
    mutation:addCampaign -LGr4Kbj_q9lf0Gn9JGg <— finishes loading data after page was rendered

    The documentation at https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar-framework.org/blob/dev/source/guide/app-prefetch-feature.md says
    preFetch ({ store, currentRoute, previousRoute, redirect, ssrContext }) {

    // Return a Promise if you are running an async job
    // Example:
    return store.dispatch(‘fetchItem’, currentRoute.params.id)

    here are my functions:

    preFetch ({ store, currentRoute, previousRoute, redirect, ssrContext }) {
    console.log(‘preFetch’, currentRoute.params.id)
    return store.dispatch(‘db/readCampaign’, currentRoute.params.id)

    export const readCampaign = (context, campaignId) => {
    console.log(‘action:readCampaign’, campaignId)
    .once(‘value’).then(function (snapshot) {
    context.commit(‘addCampaign’, { id: campaignId, data: snapshot.val() })

    export const addCampaign = (state, campaign) => {
    console.log(‘mutation:addCampaign’, campaign.id)
    state.campaigns[campaign.id] = campaign.data

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh. I forgot to return the promise in the action… Cary on

  • Excited about ,and grateful for the release. Many thanks. Now my dreams are all in TypeScript 🙂

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