Q-table rendering issue on iPhone

  • I’m having an issue with q-table on my iPhone, although I’m not sure if it happens on other devices. On desktop, everything looks correct, but on my phone, when I scroll to the right, a few things happen. 1. The white background I added to the table disappears. 2. When I scroll to the point where the white background is out of view, all the separator lines disappear. 3. Inputs that work correctly on desktop don’t show the input text in the box until blur. In some cases, it’ll show the first letter and then it just looks like blank space being added when I type.

    I attached two screenshots below to show what I mean. I would appreciate any insight into this. Thanks!

    1_1532553677527_IMG_0901.PNG 0_1532553677527_IMG_0900.PNG

  • I was able to fix the background issue by applying the style to “.q-table-middle” or adding the style using the component prop (which does the same thing). Still can’t figure out why the lines don’t extend all the way and why the input behaves differently. I know no one is able to test this using my app. I was just curious if this was a known issue on iPhone with an obvious fix.

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