Future v0.14 Feature List

  • There’s any way we can start playing with 0.14 before official release?
    Any guide on how-to do it would be very nice.
    Thanks a lot!

  • You can install 0.14 with the below npm command in your project.

    npm install https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar.git#dev --save

    To test if it worked out well, run

    quasar version

    You should get something like this:


    NOTE: You’ll have to do some tweaking of your project, before things will start running right. Even if it is the base template (cli init).

    You can also get the current (WIP) docs, if you clone the docs repo, checkout the dev branch and run it with Hexo server locally. You won’t get the play app though.

    Word of warning, 0.14 is basically rough beta right now. So, not ready for prime time, but would be great if anyone could start testing the waters. 😄


  • Great Scot!
    I’ll try to get some time on the weekend to test it.
    Thanks for the information.

  • nice nice nice nice!

  • So I tried upgrading to latest dev via

    npm install https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar.git#dev --save

    But upon

    npm run dev

    I get this warning and the app doesn’t load most of the components

    warning in ./src/components/Index.vue

    33:32-37 "export ‘Utils’ was not found in ‘quasar’

    Also VS Code no longer recognizes quasar module when importing to Vue components. Don’t know if this is relevant.

  • @dewdad: I’m a newbie when it comes to npm / node, but what I do to use quasar dev is: make a separate clone of the quasar repo, run npm install / npm run build / npm link, then go to my project folder and run npm link quasar-framework. Although I think it’s possible to use the quasar-edge package instead of that?

  • Thanks @afd. The quasar-edge repo is currently on “0.13.9” according to its package.json, just behind the official repo actually. I did install and build the repo as a node dependency without linking. So as far as I understand all you need is the package.json and the dist directory to meet the requirement.

  • @s-molinari “You’ll have to do some tweaking of your project…” what tweaking needs to be done? any pointers? I used quasar init and then did the npm install https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar.git#dev --save
    getting the folloiwing when I run quasar dev

    These dependencies were not found:
    * quasar/dist/quasar.mat.css in ./src/main.js

  • @basejump - To be honest, I haven’t tried to use the 0.13 template with 0.14 yet myself. So, sorry I a can’t help with tips on the tweaks. I’m also using all my spare time to help with the docs currently. Not a promise, but maybe next weekend I can take a look at what is needed.


  • For those that need help… I downloaded the dev repo from github and use npm run dev.

    To use quasar 0.14 in my project (Meteor.js) i used npm run build and used the generated css and js files.

    I imported the js file in my main.js
    import Quasar, * as Everything from '/client/imports/quasar/quasar.esm.js';

    and used Vue.use:
    Vue.use(Quasar, { components: Everything, directives: Everything });

  • Isn’t that approach very expensive on the network? Also how then do you use Utils for example inside your Vue components?

  • https://docs.npmjs.com/cli/link is the proper way, IMHO

  • Admin

    @GameSomnic Wait for the official documentation to get out. That is a quick hack used for dev server alone, but shouldn’t be used in apps.

  • @rstoenescu Will you present 0.14 at VueConf?

  • Admin

    @Tekki I had a video call with Evan You a while ago and was set to be a speaker, but unfortunately my schedule got messed up and I can’t be there. I’ll probably speak at the next Vueconf.

  • @rstoenescu forgive me forgive me for this question please … Do you have any final date or a draft for documentation ?
    Explore code, understand the whole thing, migrate … adjust with my current code … mmm some docs or guide are need it even if it is a draft, consider than some of us can help just by reading your docs and make suggestions before the official one.
    I know how hard and time is need it to have a good documentation just to make a product usable, and show up features, etc but to this point you understand than at least something is need it.
    Again my apologise for the question but I have my product development between two worlds and honestly I do not want to go back .
    I know you are doing a great work, be brave !!!

  • The documentation updates are in full swing right now. The goal is to release 0.14 and final documentation on the 16th. A migration guide was discussed as a possibility. I have to leave that question up to Razvan to answer.


  • Thanks for these great news and to be in good hands. 🙂

  • @afd Are you using the current quasar template from the quasar-cli generator? Do you have some working project using the latest dev on Github you could share apart from the linking?

  • My only question is: what could you possibly have in store for v0.15 after everything your packing into 0.14?