Future v0.14 Feature List

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    Quasar v0.14 beta is out. Help test it!
    It brings everything to the next level. Here is the main list of features it has:

    • (100% ready) Forms & enhancements to almost all form components
    • (100% ready) Material Ripples
    • (100% ready) Completely new 12 points CSS Grid system (95% same syntax) - inspired by Bootstrap’s
    • (100% ready) Flexbox Lists (which will allow much greater flexibility)
    • (100% ready) Card component - complete revamp from the previous CSS only version
    • (100% ready) Uploader component facelift
    • (100% ready) Layout revamp. Smarter header/footer/drawer. Will eliminate the “mobile keyboard above input” issue. You’ll be able to configure header to hide/show based on user navigation through animation. Insanely easy to place header/footer/drawer(aside) on the viewport and configure where one starts and the other begins (many new possibilities).
    • (100% ready) Multiple font icons support (mentioning Fontawesome & Ionicons)
    • (100% ready) Observables (element resize & scroll) components
    • (100% ready) Make Tabs easier to manage & add many new features (including making it more “Material” for Material theme).
    • (100% ready) New Stepper (vertical and horizontal) with some requested features.
    • (100% ready) Material Spinner
    • (100% ready) Alert component
    • (100% ready) Chat revamp (with component)
    • (100% ready) Chip component (replacing “label”)
    • (100% ready) Pick only components you use (tree shaking)
    • (100% ready) Remove unused CSS code from bundle (using Purify CSS)
    • (100% ready) Out of the box transitions/animations
    • (100% ready) Enhance slide transition
    • (100% ready) Remove FastClick dependency. No longer needed. (Can be injected on demand)
    • (100% ready) Remove Momentjs dependency.
    • (100% ready) 24 levels of shadows (as in Material guideline)

    These are just the main areas. There are many more enhancements.


  • @rstoenescu
    You can create issues and milestones in github repo
    We can help testing and coding 🙂

  • Sounds nice, but i wonder what some of it means 🙂

    What is the goal of the enhancements for all the form components ?

  • Wow, that’s a nice list 👍 I’m specially excited by tree shaking!

  • Admin

    @vinicius73 I’ll release a developer preview once all features are done. Testing would reeeeeally help.

  • I’m quite anxious to get to those form enhancements. Would there be a separate form component, similar to the (primitive) Dialog’s form?

  • @afd Mee too, im using vue-material to enchant validation style in forms

  • vue-material form style is nice , i liked.
    Try this https://quasar-admin.firebaseapp.com/#/embeeded before quasar 0.14
    Its very like VMat style, and a component embeeded whit validation sparing a lot of code lines.

  • Hi!!!

    0.14 is going to be a big release, would be possible to get a pre-release without tree-shaking/layout?

    This would allow testing the forms / components changes, and you could get a whole month ( before ETA end of april ) for testing / polishement.

  • Admin

    Planning on releasing a beta version in 2-3 weeks with everything in it. Would that be ok for you? I will indeed need some volunteers as many things changed beneath the covers and it needs quite some testing before I make it official.

  • I’m already using quasar-edge and I’m yet in early stages of developing my app, so I’m willing to test whatever you throw at us.

  • Same here, using quasar-edge too.

  • Admin

    Edge will become v0.14 beta soon.

  • I’m going to start a new app next week, I could go with edge 🙂

    But can’t wait 2-3 weeks to start it.

  • @rstoenescu, it looks like that everything is in place, except for chrome/tree shaking.

    Is there any updated docs? If yes, I could go with v0.14 branch.

  • Admin

    @Alberto no docs yet.

  • @rstoenescu Very nice work with the field / input / input-group components!

  • It looks very nice. I am working on with Quasar since February and it is awesome … congratulations!
    I have a couple of things I would like to know about in Quasar plans:

    1. what about adding css grid as a foundation (background) layout beside flexbox ?
    2. what about to use Quasar in environments like NUXT or at least to use partially ?
      We are almost at the end of April I hope to get some documents about big changes and migration to 0.14 as all stack we are using is 0.13.16.
      I can test and help in case it is need it.

  • Hi,

    Awesome work !
    Do you plan to implement Material little animation when you touch buttons too ? Would be nice !

  • “(100% ready) Material Ripples”

    Do you refer to the ripple animation?

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