Make Quasar working within Yarn workspace

  • Hi,
    I have mono-repo for three apps (I am working full stack).
    One is quasar, one is api with feathersjs and another one is for hapi based service.

    I’ve tried to introduce yarn workspaces so I can just ran yarn and install all dependencies in all folders, however Quasar doesn’t seem to like it because until I removed package.json from top level folder, I was just getting ‘ERROR: compilation failed with 9 errors’ without any details and so on.
    I got the idea that’s about workspaces when I’ve tried to run build which shown issues with locating babel.

    Is there any Yarn master who can help with that or there is something which could be changed in Quasar to help with that?

  • I think this issue at the moment sums it up:

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