PWA install prompt for user?

  • Hi, I am beginning to test in my dev environment with the PWA setup. I have edited my manifest for my info, but I am not sure how to show a link or prompt the user to install the PWA. Is there a Quasar component for this?

    Also, I assume in testing my start_url can be on my local network “” but when compiling for my server I should change the start_url to the secure external address of my server, correct?

  • hm, and perhaps it isn’t running in dev mode correctly? Quasar console tells me

    [Quasar] Running PWA with MAT theme.
    [Quasar] PWA: a no-op service worker is being supplied in dev mode in order to reset any previous registered one. This ensures HMR works correctly

    but when I go into chrome dev tools it can’t find manifest nor service worker…any ideas?

  • Admin

    The true service worker and manifest files are available only on production.
    This gets changed in v0.17 where you’ll be able to play with the service worker on dev too.

  • so does that mean I need to build it, move it to my server, and then when I connect it will be working as a PWA? Are there any special flags when I build that I should be aware of or things to avoid?

  • nevermind, I think I got it. Thanks!

  • I spoke too soon…it seems to be mostly working BUT for some reason I am still getting the quasar icon (surrounded by a little bit of black) for the home screen icon, even though I have replaced all the icons in the manifest with my own. Any ideas?

  • Well, in case it helps someone else out. I had to mess around in the head section of the index.html file and add a bunch of lines that point to various versions of favicons I generated, but now it works and my icon is being used when adding to home screen. Now I just have to figure out how to get my website to prompt for download of the app.

  • @ssuess Hi, how did you get the install prompt working?

  • @wholeeggz depends on what you mean. On Android, this should be automatic, but there is no install prompt on iOS, other than to inform the user via popup that they can hit the share icon and then add to homescreen.

  • Thanks man, I have it working - I’m reading lots of your posts and it helps 😉

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