Quasar & Quasar CLI v0.17 aka SSR - Developer Preview

  • What an amazing update! Brilliant stuff.

  • Congrats to all contributors, amazing stuff ! SSR + PWA gonna be 😍. Now waiting for official Quasar v0.17 😄

  • Admin

    @Scorpion Don’t wait. Beta test it. Report bugs. Give feedback. It’s important. If no one tests it I might as well release it as is. But then, for example, the SSR API will be frozen. So trying to get feedback on: 1. does it breaks my current app as is (for spa/pwa/electron/cordova)? 2. “I’m interested in SSR, so I think this option needs to be added/changed/removed.”

    The sooner more devs test it out - the better, so any help is appreciated!

  • Great work!!!, I’ll try it out!

  • This is great stuff! It should be the “notch in the tool belt” that makes Quasar a leading component framework!


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    Beta.16 available with some fixes. Read the initial post again. If upgrading from beta.15, then the end of the initial post has one required change.

  • Admin

    CLI beta.17 has been released. The small store/router changes are required ONLY when building with SSR mode now. Please read the end of the initial post.

  • @rstoenescu Yeah I know, I’m actually focusing on a Full-stack Template mixing Quasar Framework for Frontend and Rails Backend, but as I just learnt how GraphQL was 😍 I’m spending a lot of time on Backend to make something nice so I didn’t get really focused on Quasar these last weeks. I’m however looking at all your commits to understand what’s really done overtime, and this beta made me really smile, it’s really awesome and hope that Quasar Community will be able to give the feedback you need to finish this release :). #RoadTo1.0

  • Great work has always. Thank you for your dedication !

  • Really awesome as usual. Thank u very much. Is there future plans to add support for the new project vue native… https://vue-native.io/

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    CLI beta.18 has been released. Enhancements and new features. PWA devs will be thrilled by this update as service-worker and manifest.json are now served during development too!

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    CLI beta.19 & beta.20 has been released. Fixes and new features: Quasar Meta plugin; new preFetch params (currentRoute & redirect); preFetch() for App.vue too.

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    The last beta (beta.21) has been released. New features:

    1. SSR error page when developing and server encounters an error
    2. SSR - dev & prod common code through src-ssr/extension.js

  • Hello. Just trying a new build created with Beta.21.
    I did:

    1. npm i -g quasar-cli@next
    2. quasar init ~~~~
    3. run through the process, I had to npm i quasar-cli inside the project as well, as this was still on v0.16
    4. quasar dev -m ssr -t ios

    Then it says:

    Dev mode.......... ssr
     Quasar theme...... ios
     Quasar CLI........ v0.17.0-beta.21
     Quasar Framework.. v0.17.0-beta.15

    Question 1:

    Is it normal that Quasar Framework beta and CLI beta is a different version?

    Question 2:

    With the new method of instantiating the vuex Store, it exports a function instead of the actual store. I used to import the store into several places of my app (js helper files etc.) and use it, however, how would I do this with the SSR version?

    Question 3:

    After building the app with quasar build -m ssr -t ios it didn’t seem to give me a folder that was compatible with static-site host services like Netlify. With Next I just need to do Nuxt generate and it gives me a public folder with an index.ssr.html and I can just drag that folder in Netlify and it’s hosted.

    How to best do this with Quasar? The ssr folder in dist has index.js and template.html. Which is my main endpoint?

  • To answer my own Question 3:
    Quasar SSR only gives actual SSR not a pre-rendered site. Since you can do Nuxt generate and then upload a prerendered site to a static-website host, I thought this must have also been possible with Quasar as well. But this is not the case!

    After everything cools down with v0.17 SSR, I’d love a pre-render build method for Quasar! : D as I realised, I need pre-rendered sites for my Netlify host!

  • @rstoenescu when the v0.17 will be released? just estimated expectations.

  • @Mohammed the work in finalizing v17 is on full speed and will be be soon, once everything is done and the documentation is up to date.

    would expect it next week or the one after that at most.

    cheers max

  • Admin

    Released beta.22. At this point we’re ready to roll unless some major issue is detected on this beta.
    Cool additions: QTable as grid; Many perf enhancements. Documentation is almost ready too.

  • I may have missed a step. I have meta data for open graph and curl returns the html with the data empty, but when loaded in a browser the data gets populated. Which implies Javascript is running on the client to complete the rendering.

    The app is getting data from firebase in the created() cycle. I can try putting it somewhere else

  • Also, when I make changes to the code the result is always this error. I have to kill the server and restart it

    Firebase: Firebase App named ‘[DEFAULT]’ already exists (app/duplicate-app).

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