Data table search filter support for selection and time range

  • I’m using the newest 0.16. Data table is very usefull for admin sites developing.Yet search filter is still imperfect.
    For example, I have a table with such datas to deal with logs in my background
    id type create_date
    0 warning 2018-07-01 00:00:00

    type is a int table column, ‘warning’ is a converted string, such as { value: 0, meaning: ‘warning’ }
    create_date is also a table column which is a value of timestamp, but converted to date string.

    for type: I need to filter it with a selection input.
    for create_date: I need to filter it with a couple of start date picker and end date picker

    These two kinds of filter is very useful for my developing ,is there any api support now?

  • fixed by using add extra header row

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