My Portfolio :-)

  • Hello Quasar Community!

    I’d like to take an opportunity to show off my new portfolio website which I’ve built using Quasar 0.16 and WordPress!

    Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think!

  • Takes a long time to load…

  • @joepstender Weird… I haven’t had any issues. May I ask what country you’re from? The site is hosted on AWS in Sydney, Australia.

  • Yes it does take some time to load (from Europe) but I think that is just a normal behavior since website is hosted in AU. I like the website but I woud remove that quasar loader maybe you can use some spinners instead also there is a lots of white space, try to add more content so that it doesn’t look that “empty”.

    Is there a live demo for 1span cms?

  • @shone Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated and I’ll take it into consideration in the next iteration of changes I make.

    There is no live demo of 1SPAN CMS at this point as the project is on-hold, but I’ll probably put up a live demo soon 🙂

  • Really like the site design and content. Responsiveness is excellent. Congrats! Mostly loads slow, but occasionally is very slow. Should show a proper message if client browser doesn’t support JavaScript.

    I’m new to Quasar, but on first blush it appears that initial render size/speed is one of the biggest issues it faces. I wonder if the work on server side rendering will change that (across all of its build targets including Cordova).

  • @aryeh Thanks a lot 🙂
    I’m going to try find a way to improve the speed, but as you mentioned, initial load is the biggest factor because it needs to load a lot of content into the cache. The files are stored on Amazon S3 in Sydney, Australia. I may have to store the files in multiple locations to improve that speed.

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