How to access extra-fields from QUploader

  • How can the extra-fields data from the QUploader be access on the server? We tried by the fieldname, by the file->fieldname, and by ‘extra-fields’ and they all return null.

  • Can’t you just dump the complete request object for manual inspection?

  • Thanks but we figured it out (FYI - the request object had {undefined: undefined}). There is no example in the Quasar docs and we thought it would just be key/value object pairs in the client array, but it’s actually a key value for the ‘name’ and key value for the ‘value’ ([{name: myKey, value: myValue}]) for each additional field. Not sure why it not just [{myKey: myValue}] which is a bit less verbose especially if you have several additional fields, but it works. So here is a sample of what it would look like:

              {name: 'key1', value: 'value1},
              {name: 'key2', value: 'value2}
          float-label="Some File"
          :url= "getRootURL + 'app/uploads'"

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