Stuck on App [SPA with MAT theme] at http://localhost:8080/

  • How long does it take to download quasar on gitbash? im stuck on
    $ quasar dev app:dev Running: Mode [ SPA ] with [ MAT ] theme +0ms app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +10s app:dev Checking listening address availability (… +31ms app:quasar-conf Generating Webpack config +52ms app:quasar-conf Extending Webpack config +61ms app:generator Generating Webpack entry point +51ms app:dev-server Booting up… +45ms DONE Compiled successfully in 15361ms22:14:52 I App [SPA with MAT theme] at http://localhost:8080/
    for about 5 hrs now. ?

  • I have quite a large project and a full build is < 2 minutes.

  • I would propose to switch off the Antivirus system.
    I had similar issue while using MicroScan (or MicroOffice, something like that) and it was slowing down the builds.

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