Help me on cordova

  • Hi
    I’m almost new to quasar.
    i want to build an android app from quasar’s first sample project.but cordova run a single white page app on my android device. in chrome devtools there is some JavaScript and css file but nothing to show.
    when i use “quasar dev”, the project run successfully on browser .but when i connect my phone to pc and “cd src-cordova” and use “cordova run android” , the app appear on my mobile but it is just blank white page.
    1- why index file in quasar build files has errors on browser and it is also blank white page?
    2- why my android app show a blank white page?

  • For cordova you have to build your app first using

    quasar build -m cordova -T android

    You can also use cordova in dev mode via (so you don’t have to cd into your src-cordova and call cordova cmds)

    quasar dev -m cordova -T android

    If your phone is connected, it will use it, otherwise will launch an emulator, so make sure you have downloaded one.
    Also see:


  • @fakx thanks for answer .
    i tried your cods also ,but still nothing in my device.
    i run " PS D:\Project\default> quasar dev -m cordova -T android -t mat" and emulator runs but just blank page!
    (default is root of project)

  • Are you on windows? You have to know that cordova expects a www folder in the src-cordova directory. The quasar-cli creates a symlink, but this does not work on windows. You have to symlink the /my-quasar-project/dist/spa-mat folder to /my-quasar-project/src-cordova/www. Using a tool like Link Shell Extension makes this easy.

  • I tried my builded files, on linux, results was same as past
    and about symlink i tried your solution:
    i rightclicked on dist and clicked “pick link source” then in cordova-src right clicked and chose “drop as symlink”, then renamed new created dist file to www . am i right? but in my device “webpage not available” Error apeares.
    and this
    guide but cmd errors “access denied”.Im so confused .

    is there any video for latest version of quasar to learn how to create android?

  • dist contains subfolders for each theme and spa or pwa modes like spa-mat. You have to symlink the one you are working with

  • i symlink spa-mat to the www but android device and emulator,have error “assets/www/index.html” not found
    is it really possible that work with quasar and cordova together for android output on windows???!!

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