AppStore and Quasar

  • Hi. And there are examples of an application written using your framework on the AppStore. Apple do miss it?

  • Currently there aren’t any examples that I know of. Quasar is a very new framework, so it is only a matter of time, before such apps come out of the woodwork. Stick around! The journey is going to be a lot of fun. 😄


  • @alexs
    I started experimenting with Quasar in sept 2016, and it’s been fun building stuff with it.
    Never had any major problems, code quality and documentation are outstanding, and the developer is very responsive/approachable.
    I’m currently doing internal alpha tests with my app in AppStore and PlayStore. Won’t be long before going beta.
    Here’s a link to give you an idea.
    Design is not polished/final. There is lot’s of freedom to customise. Either for both ios and android, or for each platform specifically.

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