Manually changing the route in the addressbar makes a full page reload - why ?

  • Hi

    I am currently learning Quasar framework. Previously, with Vue-CLI and its Webpack template when I was manually changing the routes in the addressbar - the browser was not reloading the page but directly going to the corresponding route. Now with Quasar 0.16 and its default template when I manually change the route in the addressbar - the browser reloads the page.
    Why is that ?!

  • Admin


    Route management is done exclusively by Vue Router, so if you think anything is wrong, it’s with Vue Router, not Quasar.
    Your description is too vague for us to be able to offer tips. What browser are you using; what vue router mode are you using; where do you test this (quasar dev or the distributables deployed on a webserver); etc etc. The answer is within Vue Router, not Quasar anyway.

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