Defining Datetime selection order and allowing using to OK Popover version

  • By default the popover variant of the Datetime component (material) auto-closes on selection of day/date.

    When entering a date of birth or expiry date, users often think of dates differently, according to their locale. It can be DAY -> MONTH -> YEAR or MONTH -> DAY -> YEAR or YEAR -> MONTH -> DAY.

    At the moment, the component’s default second step is ALWAYS DAY. So you end up with YEAR -> DAY -> CLOSE or DAY -> CLOSE or MONTH -> DAY -> CLOSE. Which are none of the above.

    Is there currently a way in which we can change the order we present to users?

    Or to have the popover implementation reflect the modal variant, where the component waits for the ‘SET’ button to be pressed when the user is happy with their selection? This would at least give the user the chance to work out that the header date elements are buttons, rather than closing unexpectedly?

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