How to link a q-item to an external link?

  • I need to link a full q-item to an external link.

    With <a> tag is not working properly (losing clickable areas or hover styles).

    A click event should do the trick but I am unable to handle this.

    What can I do?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I’ve solved by using the native event. Like this:

    <q-item @click.native="…">

  • If it makes it easier, you can do the following:

                  <q-item  class="link" @click.native="onClick(">
                    <q-item-side :icon="prop.node.icon" color="teal-6" size="18px" >
                      {{ }}


    import { openURL } from 'quasar'


        onClick: function (link) {

  • That’s what I did: use the native event …

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