Trouble splitting App code to single pages

  • Hi All,

    I have a basic (and a bit dated) knowledge in html, php, javascript.
    I see in Quasar an opportunity to jump into the world of Web/Mobile Apps which I wouldn’t do if I needed to learn 1x Skill for Responsive web, 1x Skill for Ios and 1x Skill for Android.

    So, Thank for that to @rstoenescu and the community. I’ll shout about Quasar as much as I can.

    So far, my experience went well:

    • I had an idea
    • I spent time to read Quasar and Vue doc
    • I started to work on layout and wireframe and honestly I couldn’t expect a better and quicker experience. I’m proud of what I achieved so far. Very encouraging !

    I’m the happy owner of a propotype that looks good with drawers and modals that pop up just like in pro Apps I can see on the App store
    That feels good ! 🙂

    Before jumping into the Backend part (I hope it’ll be as friendly as the layout part) and growing my code, I wanted to organize it into single pages components.

    Problem started:

    • The app looks the same and I can see the components are loading properly but all behaviors related to @click events or v-model just plainly don’t work anymore.

    Modals (from single page component in the style of <my-ownmodal>) don’t pop anymore. The Vue Devtools browser extension show they are here but all the data binding isn’t working.

    I understand from the Vue and Quasar docs that there is something to do with the props and changing v-model to :value and @input is some kind of solution but after spending a lot of time this week-end I still am at the same stage …

    Possibly if I spend 2 days reading the Vue doc all over again and watching tutos on Youtube I’ll end up resolving BUT I’d love and be grateful if somebody could help me and give me a rule of Thumb to understand that part and solve my mistake.

    Thanks in Advance Quasar community !


  • In a lot of cases, you may need to change your @click events to @click.native

  • Thanks mate ! I’ll try.

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