Quasar CLI v0.16.2/3 is out

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    Quasar CLI v0.16.2/3 is out!

    • Updated deps: quasar-extras v2.0.2, webpack v4.9.1, vue-loader v15.2.2, babel 7.0.0-beta.49, optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin v4.0.2, register-service-worker v1.3.0
    • Chaining config! quasar.conf > build > chainWebpack(chain) and quasar.conf > electron > chainWebpack(chain) support, along with extendWebpack(); you can now use webpack-chain style to alter default Webpack configuration
    • “target” and “arch” now also work with electron-builder bundler
    • Support node-loader by default when building for Electron on renderer process
    • CSS module support in .vue files
    • Improved build times for Electron mode
    • Force “clean” before building by default (removing “-c”/"–clean" flag); lots of developers forget to do that and the dist folder keeps growing. This update will ensure this does not happen.
    • Extra safety code added to Webpack config to ensure the read-only hidden .quasar folder is passed through babel-loader.

    CLI v0.16.3 contains a critical fix for Cordova detection due to recent webpack 4 changes.


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