[RFC] New TEST mode coming soon to Quasar.

  • testytests

    THIS IS (not) ONLY A TEST.

    If you pay attention to the git repos, you might have noticed that we are working with a few other Quasar testing gurus to build an official test mode into an upcoming release of Quasar. Here are the RFC’s, the new quasar-test repo and the testing docs.

    This is VERY much a work in progress, and not something you can use today. However, if you desperately need tests rigged in your repo, feel free to ask for help over at Quasar at the new channel: #testing

    If you want to get involved, please join us on the Discord server, leave a comment on the RFC’s - or take a look at the monorepo. We are especially looking forward to recipe contributions and feedback in general, especially from testing veterans who have succeeded in rigging their favourite unit-test-runner to use vue and quasar components (specifically those who have honestly drilled down to coverage of a non-transpiled <template>)


  • How can i use it?

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