v0.16 __THEME__ is not defined

  • Sorry for my English.

    I need to redefine the display logic of the textarea QInput so that the minHeight of the field is equal to the height of the input text (not the height + 19px).

    Earlier (v0.15) I just copied the component (from /node_modules/quasar-framework/src/components/input ), and changed this method:

    After upgrading to Quasar v0.16, i get white page and error in console:
    THEME is not defined error

    It is possible to repeat easier:
    alt text

    How i can fix it?

  • Admin

    You need to add __THEME__ to env:
    quasar.conf > build > env: { __THEME__: JSON.stringify(ctx.themeName) }

  • @rstoenescu said in v0.16 __THEME__ is not defined:

    quasar.conf > build > env: { THEME: JSON.stringify(ctx.themeName) }

    I added a line to quasar.conf.js, but this did not solve the problem.
    env and error
    As a temporary solution, i change 1st line of

    const prefix = process.env.__THEME__ === ‘mat’ ? ‘md’ : ‘ios’

    Now the error is not observed.

    I’m not sure if this is the right solution, in addition, when the Quasar is been updated, my change will be lost. What can I do about it?

  • Admin

    I will add __THEME__ to the define list from CLI, so you won’t have problems when Quasar gets updated.

  • @rstoenescu Thank you so much for Quasar and help.

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