Patreon patrons get more attentative forum replies

  • @rstoenescu
    To encourage folks to joint/donate via patreon why don’t use say that if you are a patreon donor of >=$x then you can expect to receive a reply on the forum in 1-2 days. Lately several things I need feedback on have no replies. It’s not like you won’t respond to other just no guarantees. That would be all the motivation I need to get going on patreon.

    Nothing bad about this idea. We all need $$ to eat and you need to get paid for all your efforts including responding to forum posts which you have done kindly in the past.

  • @dgk - I really have to recommend you visit the discord server. there you will get pretty fast responses.

  • @nothingismagick yea I know about discord although my experience of trying to use discord to get help with other projects is not that great. Depends on who is online and it’s not really great for sharing details of your issue. I prefer the async forum posts as long as I can get some help in a day or two and plus a forum post lives on in benefit to others.

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