Build vendor.js size is too big as fresh install

  • Hi,

    i just fresh install quasar framework and run “quasar build” but i see vendor.js file size is 512KB in dist/js/vendor.js

    but in the quasar framework dist/quasar.common.js file size is 323KB and this is normal file not minified version.

    it should decrease file size when build in production but it’s increasing.

    please help me where is the actual problem?
    why dist/vendor.js file size is more than half MB. is this ok file size for browser based website?
    and when i write my app this file size would be more big.


  • Admin

    The extra dependencies. Momentjs as an example. Vue, Vue Router.
    This however is going to change in the near future as you’ll be able to cherry-pick only the Quasar features that you’re actually using.

  • Thank You @rstoenescu for making this wonderful framework . I just started using it and noticed the same file size issues .vendor.js - 499 kB and CSS - 253 KB . But as you said definitely it will help if we are able to cherry-pick only the Quasar features .

    ( In addition to the above size I am going to add JQUERY for Summernote and for SELECT2 plugins , this is making )


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