q-input masks

  • Has anyone figured out a good way to mask a field? (0.15+).

    I tried v-mask but it doesn’t work. Inspecting the html, it looks like the v-mask directive doesn’t get passed down to the actual input element.

    VMasker works but the user experience isn’t that great.

    v-the-mask works great but its a component and doesn’t match the styling of q-input.

  • Hello Kerbo,

    I’m use v-mask, but dont works really nice when we have a number properties. When this happened, i’m converted the result manually.

    What your error during the run with v-mask?

    Bruno Meurer

  • No error. The mask simply doesn’t work.

    I’m using v-mask on a q-input inside of a q-td. Maybe that’s the reason. As I said, I inspected the DOM and the v-mask attribute is missing.

    I noticed q-input seems to be an INPUT layered in a couple of DIVs for styling. I’m wondering if I can make my own mask component by taking v-the-mask (which is an INPUT) and wrapping it in the same DIVs to get the q-input styling.

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