Add Rupture, Jeet and stylus sheet globally

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to migrate a project I started using bourgeon template to Quasar.
    In the process, I have to update from Webpack 1 to 2. Everything is ok except the following:

    I’m using stylus with some librairies (Rupture and Jeet) and a stylesheet where I store some variables that should be available globally. I saw another topic where the stylus sheet is manually imported in all the vue file that require it. But for this I would prefer having available globally automatically as per bourgeon template.

    I’m not able to find a way to add the following peice of code (webpack 1 grammar) to the css-utils.js:

    stylus: {
      use: [
     import: [
       path.resolve(__dirname, '../src/styles/index.styl')

    Also I don’t understand where to add the options for autoprefixer or PostCss.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks 🙂

  • Admin

    /build/css-utils.js is the place you need to be tweaking or probably the /build/webpack.base.conf.js (on plugins: new webpack.LoaderOptionsPlugin). The overall picture is like this: You need to tell Webpack that Stylus loader must use those packages. I’d go with the second option, but you need to do some reading on the stylus webpack loader and how you should configure it for Webpack 2.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for your answer.
    I have been digging all morning in both vue-loader, webpack and stylus-loader, but I can’t understand how to implement it unfortunately, so I’m stuck right now 😞

  • Admin

    Would help you but I’m overloaded with work at the moment 😞

  • No worries, thanks for your support.
    I will post the question on Stackoverflow as well and see.
    If you find time or if any of the others have an idea on how to solve this, that would be greatly appreciated.
    If I find a solution, I would post it.

    For now, I will import the stylus files in all my components, it’s a bit hacky and I hope I’ll find a way to make it DRY.

  • You can find the question raised here: Link to stackoverflow

  • Hi,
    Sorry for late reply, I had to step aside this issue for a few days.
    What you posted back on Stackoverflow solved my issue.
    Many thanks for that.