Optimizing mobile loading

  • Hello,

    I am working on a web app for my non-profit organization. It can be seen at https://newagenda.labonnefabrique.fr/
    The app aims a providing tools for advertising and registration. It is using graphCool+apollo as database and is hosted by Netlify or Surge with little differences.
    Using the Chrome audit tool the mobile performances on 3G is very poor (19%, 15s to get to the page for Netlify, 28% and 13s for surge) and a good fraction of this time is used to load and execute the scripts.

    I know that Quasar is already highly optimized but what would be the possibilities to enhance the loading times and optimize the page weight?


  • Following up my first post, the included Webpack bundle analyzer allowed me to discover some huge modules crippling the download times. Once again, great doc, the necessary ip change has been really easy.

    Now, the vendor js file is the only quite huge file containing vue, vue-router and apollo modules and the quasar one, the biggest one by far.

    I also dicovered that the layouts have their own js file with their own modules. Most modules are the same as the main content. Does it mean that they are loaded twice? In the sake of lowering the overall page weight, would it be preferable not to use layout?

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