HTTPS Dev server with Cordova

  • Chrome requires an https domain to access the media APIs.

    The last comment of this post:
    Seems to indicate that https is now supported.

    I see quasar 0.15.14 has a ‘https’ option in the ‘dev’ section of the quasar.conf.js. However, setting it to ‘true’ doesn’t seem to have any effect after running:
    quasar dev -m cordova -T browser

    Does anyone have any pointers on how to enable https for the dev server?

  • The https option appears to be disabled for cordova and electron builds, commenting out ‘cfg.devServer.https = false’ in <project>/node_modules/quasar-cli/lib/quasar-config.js eveything works:

      if (this.ctx.mode.cordova || this.ctx.mode.electron) {
        // cfg.devServer.https = false = false
        cfg.devServer.compress = false